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Tarifa, Costa de la Luz

Costa de la Luz - South Spain Tourism

To experience a feel good, relaxed town Tarifa is an ideal choice for a break. Ten kilometres of white sandy beaches, beautiful countryside and some of the best windsurfing conditions in Europe have created today’s Tarifa as a prosperous, popular and at times very crowded resort, following its discovery as Europe's prime windsurfing spot

There are a number of fashionable boutiques and surf shops naturally, horse-riding, hang-gliding, kite-surfing, rock-climbing and diving are amongst the popular activities available.  Also, a new attraction in Tarifa are the  whale and dolphin spotting excursions to the Strait of Gibraltar which leave daily from the harbour.

Costa de la Luz - South Spain Tourism

Tarifa is an old Moorish town with narrow cobbled streets and is the southernmost point in Europe. After leaving Algeciras, the roads climb steeply and the drive to Tarifa is along one of Europe's most splendid coastal routes.

Costa de la Luz - South Spain Tourism

This little fishing town is pretty and bohemian in feel with its long beach and abundance of tumbling jasmine.  It was the first point of the Moorish invasion of Southern Spain in AD711. Guzman El Bueno defended the town against the invading Moors in 1295 and according to the local legend, the Moors captured his son and threatened to kill him if Guzman didn't surrender the town. He refused and threw down his sword with which they killed his son.

Costa de la Luz - South Spain Tourism

La Alameda, a typically styled Andalucian paved garden with wrought iron benches and shaded areas from vast palm trees sits across the road from the entrance of the castle where you can see a magnificent statue of Tarifa´s hero Guzman el Bueno; saviour of the town.

Local fishermen still use the Almadraba method of fishing using a circle of boats and nets, a practice which has not changed since 13th Century.

The Tuna fishing season generally starts at the end of March and runs for about three months, therefore, Tarifa is brimming with fresh seafood restaurants, and there are plenty of little tapas bars in the old town just to the east of the Alameda. Next to the Alameda is the old fishing port. It has never been developed but is interesting for a stroll.

The hotels are reasonably priced and are mainly located to the north of the town, so if you want to relax, there's plenty of choice.

Costa de la Luz - South Spain Tourism

There is a magnificent church of San Mateo in the centre and nearby in Calle de los Azogues the buildings date back to the 16th and 17th century.  The municipal museum is also worth a visit. It is situated near the town hall in the square known locally as the square of the little frog.

There is an impressive view of the shores of Morocco from the Miramar Gardens next to the Town Hall at the top of the town.  Interestingly you can also see hundreds of wind turbines on the hills behind Tarifa, generating enough power for a small town, forming one of the largest wind farms in Europe.

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